Skin Renewal 

Smooth, clear skin greatly increases our feelings of confidence and well being. Happily, there are new techniques for skin renewal that can successfully treat many types of skin imperfections, reducing the appearance of flaws and creating a fresher complexion.


Working only on the epidermis, Barbara uses safe, non-invasive high frequency techniques to treat hyperpigmentation, acne, broken capillaries, milia, sebaceous hyperplasia, keratosis, and many other skin imperfections.


These non-laser treatments are affordable and quick, barely touching the skin and providing immediate results in most cases.


Everyone deserves the confidence of a beautiful complexion. Ask your skin care professional if you are a candidate for this cutting edge technology. If you are, Barbara will be happy to provide a consultation to develop a personalized program to for your skin renewal.   

Skin renewal can give you a

smoother, more beautiful complexion!