Fresh, rich color that doesn't fade. That is the beauty of permanent lip color! Barbara works with her clients to determine the intensity, depth and shape of your lip color. Every client is different, and you can choose deep color or natural tones that keep your lips soft and beautiful - day and night!


This can be applied to give a more symetri-cal shape to your mouth with a slight blending into the lips.

This can be applied to look like lipstick or a soft lip color.  Lip borders can be enlarged, or just redefined. Barbara is able to correct irregular lips, cleft lips, and enhance lost lip color due to the aging process or post- surgical hypo-pigmentation. Remember, you will no longer see your lipstick on drinking utensils, napkins, your teeth, or on someone’s cheek or shirt collar! Permanent lip color will eliminate “bleeding lip lines” associated with regular lipstick.

Permanent Lip Color

It's all about you!"

When choosing your color, it is helpful to bring in a favorite tube of lipstick to show Barbara and help you select just the right tone and depth of color for your lips.

How it's done...

Lip color takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours, and Barbara works with a licensed dentist to provide professional novocaine anesthetic to minimize any discomfort during the process. There will be some swelling after the procedure, but your new color is immediate. The lips will appear darker at first, but the color will "relax" within a few days, giving you permanent, fresh lip color that won't fade or smudge.