Permanent Eyeliner

Micro-pigment implantation is perfect for eyeliner! The pigment is placed in the lash line and will cover the entire line on upper and lower eyelids with a soft natural look, or a more dramatic look, depending on how thick a line you prefer. 

Lashes become sparse with age; eyeliner gives the appearance of thicker lashes, and enhances, brightens, and defines the shape of the eye.

The procedure is painless! And the entire procedure only takes about 45 minutes. Eyeliner is not painful, just frightening to some clients. But Barbara will put you at ease as you discuss color, thickness and style. She then will apply a topical anesthetic to the area to be pigmented. Barbara holds the eye in a closed position while she works. It will be impossible for you to open it.

The results are immediate and amazing!  There is little swelling or redness with permanent eyeliner. Barbara provides Aquaphor ointment that you will apply 8-10 times a day

"There was no pain or discomfort! Barbara is a real professional."

The entire eyeliner procedure   only takes about 45 minutes.

for 3-5 days following the procedure to keep the area moist and aximize pigment retention, but you will love your instant results. And the next morning, you will look great!

This will cover the entire lash line and beyond (if desired). The choice of thickness is yours.

This will cover the entire lash line. The choice of thickness is yours.