Microblading currently is a very on-trend eyebrow procedure. The aesthetician uses a scalpel-like tool to cut shallow grooves in the skin prior to applying ink to create semi-permanent brows that will last 1-3 years. The microblade tool can have as few as 3 to more than 20 sharp "pin" blades. Each type of blade also has many taper and diameter options, which will affect pigment flow, healing time and stoke detail.  


A microblade procedure requires at least two appointments, is often more painful and takes a longer healing time than other permanent eyebrow makeup treatments, and fades more quickly. Additionally, the area cannot be washed for at least a week, and will be itchy as it scabs over and heals.



Done properly by a skilled professional, microblading can be an effective and attractive brow solution. However, the lack of training regulation and the popularity of the procedure have led to a flood of poorly trained “professionals” who hurt the reputation of skilled technicians and can leave clients with horrible – and sometimes dangerous – results.


Because the depth of the microblade cuts is controlled by the technician, the uniformity of the cuts can be difficult to control if the practitioner is not highly skilled and experienced. If the cuts are not uniform, the absorption of color can be uneven and unnaturally harsh, requiring multiple corrections.

“My forté is to neutralize harsh colors and create more natural tones.”

Barbara Denney


With more than two decades of experience in professional permanent makeup techniques, Barbara’s forté is neutralizing harsh colors. With careful adjustments specifically addressing the concerns and desires of the client. she can create more natural tones for those who are unhappy with the results of an unprofessional microblading procedure.


As with other permanent makeup procedures, she will sit down with you to discuss your concerns, explain the correction procedure and options, including style and color, and make recommendations. Additionally, for all permanent cosmetic procedures, including microblading, Barbara uses only new, surgically sterile equipment to reduce the risk of infection.