Microblade Disaster Correction

Microblading may be a current  trend in eyebrow procedures, but because no regulated licensing or training is required for the technician, the results can be horrifying!


"Microblading may work for you, but more clients are coming to me every week for corrections," notes Barbara. With more than 20 years experience in ALL permanent cosmetics techniques, Barbara Denney has done dozens of microblading corrections. "This involves neutralizing the color, which can be very difficult and sometimes impossible when very dark or black pigments are used on fair or mature skin."




With more than two decades of experience in professional permanent makeup techniques, Barbara’s forté is neutralizing harsh colors. With careful adjustments specifically addressing the concerns and desires of the client. she can create more natural tones for those who are unhappy with the results of an unprofessional microblading procedure.


As with other permanent makeup procedures, she will sit down with you to discuss your concerns, explain the correction procedure and options, including style and color, and make recommendations. Additionally, as with all permanent cosmetic procedures, including microblading, Barbara uses only new, surgically sterile equipment to reduce the risk of infection.


If you have had a bad microblading experience, call us today at  928.443.5000 for a  correction evaluation. Barbara will assess your current brows and walk you through the correction procedure and provide you with a realistic correction plan.    

Microblading clients come to me every week to remove their dark, unnatural lines and "fix" their brows. My forté is to neutralize harsh ink colors and create more natural tones.”

Barbara Denney