Microblading is NOT for Everyone!

Scaring, Unnatural Shape, and Harsh Color Can Ruin Your Look

Is Microblading for You?

Everyone loves a beautiful brow, and the current trend of full, dark, dramatic brows is particularly popular with younger clients.  Microblading has emerged as the "go to" procedure for a "permanent" cosmetic brow solution, but clients should be fully aware and educated about the process, best practices, and possible outcomes - good and bad - before taking the plunge.


Skin type, tone, and age are all important factors when choosing whether to undergo a microblading procedure. Remember, microblading actually scrapes and cuts the skin.  While young skin is moist and flexible, mature skin is generally dryer, less resilient, and becomes thinner with age. This usually slows the healing process, and increases the time for scars to fade.







Skin tone and exposure to sun also are very important factors. Remember that every skin tone will affect the final color of the added pigment.

“Mature clients need to know that the skin heals much more slowly - and scars more easily - for those over 40." 

Barbara Denney

Achieving a color similar to your hair color can only be achieved by an expert colorist like Barbara, who has years of experience with pigment and ink mixing. 


While dark, dramatic brows may be popular with younger clients, the mature woman knows that a dark brow on older skin is often harsh and artificial looking.  Looking our best is about enhancing our natural beauty. "Unless done properly, microblading does not produce a natural look," notes Barbara.  And while a dramatic effect may be great for a special occasion, our daily preference is usually a more natural brow.